Money Follows the Person

From 2008 - 2014, the DSW Resource Center will provide individualized, in-depth technical assistance to Money Follows the Person (MFP) grantees as they work to strengthen the home and community-based direct service workforce in their states to support individuals transitioning from institutional settings. This includes regular meetings of a work group of MFP grantees interested in direct service workforce development. Through this TA, we hope to help states design better workforce policies and build the service capacity necessary for their transition activities and their home and community based services programs to be successful.

  • MFP Discussion Forum: This forum facilitates state-to-state exchange of information for MFP states focusing on DSW issues. You can direct questions or comments at specific grantees or all grantees. If particular documents would be relevant in this exchange, feel free to attach the document to your comment.

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What's New?

The DSW Resource Center closed effective August 31, 2014. The site is being maintained as a static archive of resources through December 2014.

Please visit the CMS Workforce Page (external link) and visit our partners’ websites for additional information on or after December 31, 2014.

Check out the Winter 2014 edition of the DSW Resource Center newslettter!

The DSW Resource Center has published a White Paper summarizing this summer's webinar series.

The US Department of Labor (external link) announced a new rule to the Fair Labor and Standards Act which focuses on guaranteeing minimum wage and overtime for home care workers including those in the Direct Service Workforce. This rule will go into effect January 1, 2015. The DSW Resource Center created a Home Care Rule Page with information and resources related to this announcement.

We released two new Starter Kits for NWD/SEP Systems including ADRCS. Starter Kit for No Wrong Door/ Single Entry Point Systems Working to Strengthen the Home and Community-Based Direct Service Workforce and Starter Kit for NWD/SEPs: Design Considerations for Publicly-Funded Matching Service Registries for Home and Community Services.

We published Coverage of Direct Service Workforce Continuing Education and Training within Medicaid Policy and Rate Setting - A Toolkit which presents strategies and methods for covering the cost of continuing education and training for the DSW.
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